Do I need to have performance experience? What if I'm not funny?

Our intro classes are designed for people with any experience level, including beginners. We foster a safe and creative atmosphere where students are free to learn by taking risks. And you ARE funny, whether you know it or not! We're not here to tell you what's funny so much as to help you unlock that secret comedian within.

I don't want to be a professional comedian or DSI performer. Are DSI classes right for me?

Yes! There are so many other reasons that students take our classes. If you want to become a better public speaker, a funnier conversationalist, or a more spontaneous and creative person, our classes are right for you. Our comedy classes are also a great way to have fun and meet people.

I do want to be a professional comedian and/or a DSI performer. Are DSI classes right for me?

Yes! DSI is a great place to start your comedy training if your goal is to eventually spend more time on stage or on screen. Our faculty members are veteran performers with extensive experience of the local and national comedy scenes, and our classes can get you plugged into other opportunities in the Triangle, including DSI company membership. Comedy School alumni have also moved on to perform and work for Comedy Central, Saturday Night Live, Second City, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and other theaters across the country.

An upcoming class works for me, except I know I'll miss one or two classes. Is that okay?

Definitely. We know that people have busy schedules, and so we design our curricula to allow for up to two absences per six-week class. We also offer makeup opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

I see that classes end with a Student Showcase. Do I have to perform in it?

At DSI we believe that live performance is an important part of the learning process, but we also know that some students find this intimidating. That's why we have carefully designed our Improv 101 and Standup 101 showcases to be fun, supportive, and safe places where students are set up to succeed. It's also our experience that students who are scared of performing at the beginning of class are actually excited about the showcase within a few weeks!

If you nonetheless cannot attend your Student Showcase we won't drag you on stage, but the performance is a prerequisite to continue onto the next class in its series. If you can't attend due to a scheduling conflict, we will do our best to arrange a make up opportunity.

I represent a business/school/church/friend group and we're interested in taking a class together. Do you offer any special programming or group discounts? Would you be willing to come to us?

Get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss this! Just email

I want to learn something comedy-related and I don't see any upcoming classes on the subject. What should I do?

Email and we'll do our best to accommodate you!