Our courses are designed for students interested in learning, writing and performing comedy, but people wishing to study improv just for fun or for professional development also take classes with us. Be prepared to have fun, to learn, and to laugh.

Courses are designed for adults and recommended for persons 17 or older, however, some exceptions may be made. We schedule youth classes on a regular basis and Summer Camp programs go online in January every year. Contact us for more info about summer camps and youth programming.

IMPROV 101, Fundamentals of Improv Comedy

IMPROV 101 explores the basics of comedic improvisation-- team building, trust, collaboration, active listening, agreement and unconditional support-- all in the context of creative play. Students learn to be fearless and have fun on stage using the DSI approach to improvised comedy. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Add'l 10X Courses: IMPROV 102 for Parents, IMPROV 103 for Business, IMPROV 104 for Grad Students, IMPROV 105 for Scientists, etc. are public introduction classes offered at various times during the year, designed to teach 101 skills for a specific demographic. 10X graduates are still eligible to continue onto IMPROV 201.

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IMPROV 201, Characters and Relationships

IMPROV 201 explores the skills necessary to create bold characters and develop detailed relationships in every scene you perform. How you do what you do (using your voice, object work and physicality), helps you and your audience know who you are. Student learn that big choices and full commitment can take character work to the next level. Pre-requisite: IMPROV 101.

IMPROV 301, Game of the Scene and Patterns

IMPROV 301 explores the idea that every successful comedic scene has an identifiable game at play, a "game of the scene" that improvisers can repeat, play and heighten for comedic effect. Students learn to identify and create games within each scene the perform, employing contrast & repetition of the unusual and unexpected patterns of interaction. Pre-requisite: IMPROV 201.


IMPROV 401 will focus on successful 2-person improvised scenes. Students will be directed to explore silence and emotion with character and relationship to add nuance and depth to the game of the scene. The goal of 401 will be to develop the improviser as actor with a solid scenic improv foundation, to set them up to succeed in pursuit of Harold. Pre-requisite: IMPROV 301.


IMPROV 501 introduces students to Harold, the most widely performed improv format. From premise-based openings, second and third beats and group scenes, students learn the structure that makes Harold the standard for every long form improv structure. Be prepared to learn a strict foundation. Students should read Truth in Comedy prior to taking this class. Pre-requisite: IMPROV 401.


STANDUP 101 teaches the art of standup comedy. Learn how to develop and use your own persona, build on a comedic premise, develop a joke and generate punch lines until you find ones that really hit. Learn how to spin true stories and rock a routine that both engages and entertains your audience. How can you get the most mileage out of You? NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.