IMPROV 105: Improv For Scientists

Improv 105 is designed to teach the basic skills of comedy improvisation (including dynamic communication, agreement, active listening, spontaneity, and creative problem solving) to professional scientists. This improv class won't just teach you how to be funny; it will also make you a better interdisciplinary collaborator and help you communicate complex ideas to a general audience.

Improv 105 students will learn:

  • how to be fearless and funny public speakers;
  • how to talk about their work more spontaneously and clearly;
  • how to be more "present," both at work and at home;
  • the underlying logic of comedy; and
  • the art of non-verbal communication.

See how improv can make you a more effective, approachable, and collaborative scientist! You'll benefit from the experience of a program that has trained hundreds of working professionals from across North Carolina.

Improv? For Scientists? Check out what the New York Times, PRI, the AAAS, and Science Friday have to say.

Class runs for 2 hours each week, followed by optional networking "office hours" afterwards at a local bar.

No comedy or theater experience is necessary.

FREE show Admission while enrolled.

Class Schedule:

  • Thursday, June 15th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, June 22nd @ 7PM
  • Thursday, June 29th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, July 6th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, July 13th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, July 20th @ 7PM

Showcase Show: Tuesday July 25th @ 7PM

Instructor Bio: Zach Ward

Zach Ward, owner and Artistic Director of DSI Comedy, founder and Chief Optimist of YesAndLife, founder and Executive Producer of the NC Comedy Arts Festival, has consulted and delivered programs internationally for clients including TEDx, Procter & Gamble, Comcast, Motorola, Cisco, Biogen, GSK, Old Navy, YMCA, and Citrix. Zach has developed a passion for applied improvisation & comedy over the last 20 years, and, for more than a decade, an obsession with compassion, empathy, organizational development and business. In addition to professional speaking, coaching and team building, Zach provides comedy talent for events all across the country. He practices “Yes, And” with his own employees, and with his 4 year-old son, every day.

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