IMPROV 301: Game of the Scene

IMPROV 301 focuses on the two-person scene, building on the fundamentals from 101 & 201. Students learn to identify and create games within every scene, developing and heightening fun & unusual patterns of interaction.

FREE Show Admission while enrolled. Class runs for 2.5 hours each week with optional office hours after class as available.

Prerequisite: Improv 201


  • Thursday, April 20th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, April 27th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, May 4th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, May 11th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, May 18th @ 7PM
  • Thursday, May 25th @ 7PM

Student Showcase: Tuesday, May 30th @ 7PM

Instructor: Dan DeSalva

Questions? Email