Mic Drop: Hip Hop Improv

Advanced Elective with Kit FitzSimons

Saturdays, 1:30-4:00pm, March 11th, and 18th, and 25th

Hip hop is confidence, detail, and presentation, all performed to a set pattern...and the same is true of improv as a whole. Whether you want to boost your confidence on stage, push yourself to expand your skill set, or just want to bring more joy to your play in a measurable way, this is the workshop for you.

Take this elective if you want to:

  • Improve your ability to think (and get to specific ideas) faster.
  • Decode the rap cypher and incorporate its energy and support into your warmups.

  • Learn how to command your content and own the stage.

This three-week workshop is an Advanced Elective. No hip hop experience is necessary, but successful completion of Improv 301 (or pre-approval) is required.

Tuition: $90 / $60 for DSI Company Members

About the Instructor

Kit has been performing, directing and coaching comedy since 1999 and has studied the art of improv under Zach Ward, Porter Mason, Corey Brown, Ross White, Jonathan Karpinos, Scott Jennings, and Jeremy Griffin.

Kit is currently on DSI's hip-hop improv show VERSUS, fastmorph duo strike-team Black Ops, and the DSI Touring Company. He also runs the weekly D&D game in the theater basement. #DSIandD

In his spare time, he's an avid board-and-card-game player, graphic-novel enthusiast, video game dabbler, and Instagram/LootCrate/Red Bull fan. He has done motion-capture acting for Epic Games (Gears of War series, FortNite, Paragon), taught parkour, written and performed comedy character segments on local radio (WCHL) and television (TPC), and he'll happily explain and/or play Fiasco with you in a heartbeat.