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Tom & Erica: Tom and Erica and/or Fag and Hag, are two sassy freaks from the 6IX! Quick fresh comedy that smells spicy and tastes hot. Lick it up!

Daniel Cohen: Guys, ever found yourself sitting at a bar staring a beautiful woman and thinking "hey, how do I make her my new best friend?" Well think no more! Let Dillard Sussman, self-proclaimed friendship-guru, teach you to take that thought and turn it into friendship.

Chris Sanders: Chris Sanders is both hilarious and intense with confidence and charm that keeps his audiences engaged. Drawing on his experiences serving as an Infantryman in the Army and helping to end sexual violence on military installations and college campuses; Chris brings humor to subjects few people do. He has performed for the troops all over the world and continues to be a featured comic at festivals across the country. He lives in Los Angeles and looks just like that guy you know.

Nick Rutherford: Whimsical silly stand up comedy from Nick Rutherford of Good Neighbor, SNL and Adult Swim.