"Get the Picture?" with Dan DeSalva

Wednesdays, 7-9:30pm, January 4th, 11th, and 18th

We often overlook how we physically stage our scenes. As a result, the presentational aspect of our performance is an untapped well of inspiration. Beyond defining our location, staging can influence relationships, themes, logic, space, and time. At the very least, it is an ascetic that has a direct effect on the energy of our pieces.

In this elective we become more conscious about our staging, and thus, our relationship with the audience. We’ll focus on how our relationship with space correlates to the relationships we have on stage, including the relationship we have with our characters.

This three-week workshop is an Advanced Elective. Successful completion of Improv 301, or pre-approval, is required.

Tuition: $90 / $60 for DSI Company Members

Time: 7-9:30 pm

Instructor: Dan DeSalva